Off track ? Let's skin-tox

Off track ? Let's skin-tox

Are you like me and had a hectic last few weeks ? Off track with your diet and self care ? Yah, me too babe.

I've put together a few top things that I do to get my skin back on track. Starting from when I wake up.


  • Every morning, I wake up and splash my face with cold water and spritz with a secret NAS Tonic Spray which is coming soon. 
  • Fill up 1 large glass of a full lemon and warm water


  • I try and eat many anti-inflammatory foods. Lots of green leafy veggies, berries, nuts, fish or lean meats and of course my fav dark chocolate. 
  • Upping my collagen powder and herbal teas
  • Water water water and then water some more 


  • Face-mask ! When I have some time in the afternoon I will always ensure I am doing a super hydrating mask on my face. 
  • Then I just make sure I am sticking strictly to my skincare routine, using my pod and cleanser to clean my face and popping on my night balm and tonic.