NAS Sleep CollectionūüĆô‚ú®

Sleep is life. So is waking up with my hair not looking like Dog the Bounty hunter. I can't tell you all how many times my Husband tells me this. 
This is the short reason to why I needed to bring out a sleep range. Our pillow case kits are made out of 100 % Organic Bamboo from the sweetest little supplier who I speak to on the daily, she is actually organising more Sleep Scrunchies for me right now !
So many of you ask me why I chose Bamboo and not silk, honestly it is just because I cannot deal with looking after silk - if you've seen my washing pile you would know I need items that are durable. The bamboo fabric we use is super soft and the bonus over silk is the more you wash it the softer it becomes. If you prefer silk, do let me know so I can see if this could be an option in the future.
Sleeping on Bamboo fabric has so many benefits, including:
Bamboo fabric is extremely  forgiving, no catching here. It also gets softer after each wash.
Smooth Healthy Zero Bed Hair
NAS Sleep Kits will preserve your blow wave for a day or so extra over your standard pillow cases.  The smooth fabric ensures your hair glides over it without causing breakage. 
Hypoallergenic Comfort
Our kits wick away moisture from your face and hair, whilst keeping your skin breathing through the  cool, soft fabric. 
Creaseless, Cleaner skin 
Sleep in that  little bit longer and don't worry  about those creases on your face. With  our kits, they don't exist. 
Nat, NAS Team